Just started playing ArcheAge

Howdy everyone,

I just started playing ArcheAge and was wondering what server the guild is on? If I am on the correct server I would like a guild invite if possible.

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Doesn’t seem like there is much ArcheAge activity on the forums but there is some chat in #archeage on Discord if you want to jump in there.

Thanks RanterX

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Hi, We are on Ospheros server. Let me know if that is the one you are on .

HI Boop,

Yes I am on Ospheros Server and I have sent an application to join.

Hi Boop,
I have returned to Archeage for a change from other games, I see OTG listed in the guild section. I’ve transferred my ladies over to Ospheros. Having to remember how to play my toons after all these years is doing my head in laughing so I have made a couple of alts to get the feel again.

Original ladies names are: Misstee and Ortum (both level 55),
Neenah (level 36 Haranya)

New ladies: Sinnamon and Abbee (Haranya)

Hope to get an invite,
xx Ortum

Hiii, Welcome to OTG!!

Please fill out our Archeage application and we will get you in asap

1> I have read and understand the Chapter Policies below?
ArcheAge Chapter Information

2> Which guilds did you join while playing ArcheAge?

3> What is your existing character(s) name, level and server in game?

4> What other guilds have you joined in other games?

5> Are you joining the chapter with friends, if so list the other OTG names?

6> List your anticipated character names:

7> Paste a link to your original OTG application:

Thank you

Just seen that you are on the east side. We are all on the west.