Just saying hello

I will playing ESO from time to time. Feel free to say hello if you see me on. Also would love to party up for some fun. I’m starting from scratch, so I have lots to learn and lots to do.

Dragoniangore. (Draigonia)
Dragoniangore75 PSN



Yes, there is a lot of content and will keep you busy for a long time

This month on the 19th the PTS will introduce Companions, so we will get to check them out soon.

There will be a stream about the companions on Bethesda - Twitch on 4-16-21

Well, a bit late. I’ve been looking for partners to play ESO forever (literally years), never found any so I just finally uninstalled it. I had a bunch of add-ons from years ago but it made my game unstable, many were abandoned and outdated and caused crashes. ( the mini-map is a must and a couple of others) It’s so much more fun with some help and teammates for dungeon runs, or anytime really.

I still have to get my Discord setup with the proper (same) user name per the instructions ( I just joined so … newbie) I’ll drop a line when I get it all sorted. Or give a shout and I’ll expedite. Dang, forgot user name on it, should be the same as Steam name I reckon, Tobor8thMan. Bear with me, I’m technically social inept but, I’m more pc hardware capable.

Glad to see someone else newer to things. It will be loads of fun leveling up in the elder scrolls realm.