Just reinstalled GW2

Greetings! I installed GW2 which I played at launch… I did not buy any expansions… I am rerolling a new toon or two, should get an expansion? any particular one? all of them? newest one coming out? any thoughts are welcome… rolled a Mesmer and Revenant, noobs… thanks!

There is a lot of story line contained in the expansions. Just so you know, if you jump around through them, there will be some spoilers.

Honestly, you’ll probably want all 3 eventually if you keep playing. However, if you aren’t to level 80 yet, you may want to just wait.

One perk of buying at least one of the expansions is you could use the autolevel boost that comes with a package to level at least one character up to 80, and then you could start the things like mastery lines that allow you to auto-loot, glide through the air, or eventually get the various mounts in the game.

I’ll leave it at that for now, feel free to ask questions, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with information that has no context at this point. :slight_smile:

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I think the big question is how you want to play. If you’re all about story, then take your time and go through in order. If you don’t mind skipping past things, I’d say get End of Dragons (since that’s where the action will be, for a while), then go back for the others later if you decide you want them.

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Heart of Thorns introduced gliding. Path of Fire introduced mounts. End of Dragons is supposed to get you into both if you haven’t already done the previous two expansions. I believe the two previous expansions are sold together and not separately anymore.

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I may just download the collection and get all 3… I will use the money I just had refunded by Steam for Elden Ring, as I refuse to use a controller… refuse…

Might be worth looking into the Living World season 2 as well. The expansions unlock your masteries but the Tyria masteries are a time consuming pain without the extra points you can get from the Maguuma storyline.

thank you for that… so much has changed in the game since I really played it… level 17, just doing the thing from start, leveling a Revenant…