Just jumped back in

Just jumped back into WOW and finished the covenant campaign (maldraxxus) and I thought it was great. I finished chapters 1-9 and it looks like there are more chapters? they haven’t shown up yet, but I’ve barely started Chains of Domination campaign …

Is there a second set of covenant campaigns? Do they come after Chains of Domination?

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There is not another set of Maldraxxus Covenant Campaigns, Chains of Domination is currently the last storyline for 9.1.5. It is Renown Gated, so be aware of all the ways to get your renown to 80.

Now what you still have open to you are the other 3 covenant storylines that you can complete by swapping covenants.

There are other posts that list all this information so be sure to browse those as well.


Our Wow Wiki location offers a lot of information that will be of help to you. https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/c/wow/wow-wiki/19

Macneel also has placed a guilde to help you with Chains of Domination too. https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/t/shards-of-domination/33687

Welcome back and please do not hesitate to reach out anytime I’m on if you need anything. You can reach me easier using my bnet tag: lynspottery#1834 (first initial lower case L). I tend to jump around on toons so whenever you see me on it won’t matter which toon I’m on… :grin:

Oh one piece of info if you decide to swap out covenants, I recommend you make sure you have no outstanding table missions still working, and have turned in all your completed quests before to do that sequencing. https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/t/how-to-change-covenants-in-shadowlands/37969
Macneel has also included his observations and tips to help in this regard.


Thanks for the info!

I was confused by the following:

“When you start Patch 9.1 at Renown 40, you will begin a new series of Covenant campaign chapters – 9 in all. Good new: completing all of them isn’t required to fly!”

When trying to learn about flying on wowhead:

Flying, Riding, and Pathfinder in Shadowlands Patch 9.1 - Guides - Wowhead

thanks for the info!!

I will check out those links … I may need to use another character for the other covenants, it feels disloyal to change! lol

Actually, you can have all the covenants on one toon should you desire it. You just need to make sure when you swap, you don’t have anything pending beforehand…check the notes out. My shaman is Necrolord Renown 80, I recently put my necro covenant on hold, cleared all my pendings, then picked up Fae. Got the token to get my new covenant renown up to 40 and was off and running.

Although I raid with my necrolord covenant “on” (putting my new Fae one on hold), I can switch back and forth as I choose. I plan to pick up another shortly to add that to my background on my shaman. But as I said before, make sure before you do the switch, all pending things are completed. You can also pull out some anima using tokens purchased from the same vendor who sells the 40 renown item.

Just check out Macneel’s posting regarding details for that. Its a nice way to use a different covenant for different things, but they cannot just be swapped on the fly, you will need to plan your move on those using the info provided by Macneel. I usually finish things up on one before I log off for the night, then the next morning pickup my rewards completed on my table and make sure all quests I had pending are finished and turned in. Then go to Oribos and change covenants.

Once I have done that, I go and do the quests and other things I’m interested in doing on the new covenant. Rinse and repeat. I make sure before my raiding time, I’ve swapped back to Necrolord since it provides me what I need for my raiding since I’ve maxed out my conduits that help me in my raiding.

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The continuation of the storyline was not Covenant specific. All covenants complete the same quests from 40-80 with the Korthia zone being unlocked.

Flying was tied to renown 44 to unlock for any zone except for the Maw & Korthia.

Now it is easier for alts to catch up if you don’t want your main to swap covenants. Once your main hits 80 you unlock a lot of quality of life items for alts.

Purchased from broker vendor next to the Oribos flight master.

Token for renown 40
Token for all conduits at 200 ilvl
Anima transfers from main to alts

Deathwatch quartermaster sells ilvl 200 gear tokens for stygia

Bonesmith sells Soul Ash bundles to speed up legendary creation

At ilvl 200, renown 40 alts have a much easier time doing the covenant campaign than a fresh off the 60 boat toon did at launch.

Hope this helps



Thanks (again) for the info, I’ve begun to poke around the wow info posted above, super helpful.

I’m currently at renown lvl 43 and going to work toward finishing chains of domination (and/or getting to renown lvl 80?)

So much to do!