Just getting back into FFXIV, little back story

Hello. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I have been an owner of, and played a lot of, FFXIV from when ARR launched to Heavensward. At that time my Wife and I split and as this was a game we played together, I canceled my sub and went back to WoW to occupy my free time. When Stormblood launched I bought it and played a little, but there just wasn’t that same spark as before. So I went back to WoW and focused on RL. Now with RL all sorted, It’s time to jump back into FFXIV. I would like to reforge some new memories within the game with a laid back group of awesome people. I played with some of OTG in WoW and some in Guild Wars 2 so I know you are an awesome group. I sent an in-game app to the Free Company and filled out my membership thingy on here. I really just wanted to say hello. I look forward to dying a lot while I relearn my Summoner job and decide if I want to kill lots of parties while figuring out healing again. I can almost hear the screams of the DPS as I neglect to heal them when they run off and pull mobs before the tank. :crazy_face::rofl: