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Subject : Obols + locked chests
For : locked chests in the world requiring a key you can buy

In game a currency known as Obols drop from events, ie: disrupt a ritual, and can be a reward from prestige a fame like system.

Once you have a few Obols I would drop by the Obol vendor and at the bottom is a key you can buy for 20 Obols. There’s locked chests you’ll encounter in the world requiring this consumable.

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Is that the Whispering key? I’ve had that on one. Was expecting the key to drop from the mobs. But nope!

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Salvaging a socketed item will remove the gems from the item and return them to your inventory. This does not include marking them as junk. It must be a manual selection of the item for salvage. This saves you money from having to pay to remove gems.

You can be attacked at any time in a PVP area, regardless of whether you flag yourself or not. Flagging yourself as Marked for Blood just openly shows you are PVPing.

Group play shares experience for any kills with 3-4 screens worth approximately.

In the codex of power, clicking on an aspect of power you haven’t unlocked will create a route to the dungeon on your map.

It’s cheaper to reroll stats on a rare item to obtain the desired stats before adding an aspect and making the item legendary.

It’s cheaper to extract aspects from legendary items than it is from sacred and ancestral items despite them being the same power.


“You can be attacked … PvP flag / flag off …” Thank you … that is what I believe I understood. Watched a couple videos and the youtubers didn’t quite clarify this enough. Also saw it takes 100K bloodshards for the PvP vendor horse. wows.