Just a thought

After the server wipe coming up should we pick a somewhat centralized base of operations to operate as a group out of? As SC continues to grow and the features become more and more should we set up a Forward operating base to run ops out of so that when we do hold events and such we can mobilize faster. Not that everyone needs to keep all their stuff there but at least set up a place that we routinely launch from so that we keep a kind of standard kit for say FPS ops and a stack of our ships there. Just curious if that sounds plausible. What do you guys think?

That’s a good idea! I plan to make Area 18 my post-wipe home. It has everything I need to get up and running - gun and armor shop, ship components, ship weapons, ship shop. It’s not a pain to go from Area 18 to Baijini Point like it is from Orison to PO. I like New Babbage better than Area 18 as far as visual aesthetics but there isn’t an armor shop, although there is one at Port Tressler.

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My home and my regen point are rarely close to each other. As a ROC miner I used CRU-L1 mainly. I’ll probably choose Microtech for my starting point since the store there sells all the laser repeaters, so it is a good place to have a ship initially spawn. It is also a final leg on most of my trade routes.

Since it is so easy to relocate a fleet using claiming it would be relatively easy to keep some stuff at a centrally-chosen location for OTG Ops. That being said, for guild Ops, I’d nominate Everus Harbor as it is the middle of the Stanton system. It makes sense since we don’t generally start with a plan :laughing: It would help us start faster if the big, long-claim time ships were already there.