June Newsletter Is Available

Hey all,

Visionary Realms recently released the latest Pantheon newsletter, which you can find here: http://pantheonmmo.com/newsletter/2019_june_intro/ . It’s got a good mix of info, including:

  • Lots of information on pledge updates and dev progress in the Under Wraps section

  • Lots of geographic lore info in the Faerthale 101 section

  • A great intro an an important elven NPC, Thaeolyn Greyborne

  • A Developer Q&A with David “Roenick” Shlow from the QA team

  • A community spotlight Q&A with Minus


On a related note, the June VIP Developer Roundtable discussion has been posted to YouTube. The main focus is on newsletter and content plans.

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OL1IZo0firI