Joining unofficial OTG in game and a few questions

I would like to join the OTG clan. If someone with that authority can give me a timeframe of when they will be on Discord–happy to log in and get my OTG tag–or whatever we call it in this game.
I am MR level 2, have worked a couple of higher level pistol blueprints–is there any reason to take the base issued weapons to 30? Seems like I should swap those out for more powerful versions asap? no? I do note that I start leveling the new weapons from zero regardless of how high the previous weapon ( pistol for example) was. Is that correct or am I doing something wrong. Are Mods used on the base weapon recoverable for the new weapon?

Not clear what cestus (sp) is all about–somewhere I have to go for quest advancement but once there and after talking to the guy–seems like a free for all outside with no guidepoint to the mission–in other words I just run around while I look for someone but I don’t know where to look–is that right?

be glad to help out fin im online and in discord with you atm but you havent responded yet. so im usually on between 12:30am-3pm most of the week weekends im on a lot but usually strange hrs. ill be in channel with you just push to talk and well begin :slight_smile:

Yes. There are achievements and unlocks which are tied to the number of weapons of each class you have completely mastered. So getting them to 30 before dropping them is a good idea. When you first start out it seems like you’re gimping yourself. Later on when you have a frame maxed out, a companion maxed out, a primary weapon maxed out, you’ll find that you can take a pistol/melee weapon just to get it XP.

More powerful is a misnomer. My understanding is that most weapons are sidegrades or decent in certain situations but not in others. Weapon choice is more persona preference and what you’re planning on attacking than anything else. So while the starter weapons are a tad underpowered there isn’t a need to rush out of them as they are sufficient for the levels you should be tackling.

Correct. Warframe does not have character levels. It has gear levels. So you’re continually leveling up, or tweaking your gear.

Yes, but. There’s always a but. Say you have leveled up a mod which started at a drain of 4 but now costs 10. When you go to a new weapon it won’t be able to fit that mod. So while you can remove mods from gear at any time it doesn’t stand to reason that you can slot them into other gear right away. Because of this it is often good to keep some duplicates of mods laying around so you can slot them in lower level gear, level that gear up, then swap in the leveled up mods.

Just wanted to clarify something on this point. MRs give you some base drain on your gear. One per rank, I believe. So as you gain mastery you can start slotting the leveled up mods into new gear at base; just not the whole compliment of mods.