Joining guild in game

How does one join the guild in game?

good question

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Put your character Name@address (Here) and Wandering-free will add you.

Not sure what the @address should be???

However my characters name is Tails.

Sorry @name


On the launch screen, at the very top when you log in, and before pressing the PLAY button, right next to Perfect World your Account name is there. And you’ll see the server status. So your @address will be that name with the ‘@’ in front of it… and then any character name is in front of that… example FryZilla@RedknightRage

Thanks for the clarification. Ill be sending that information tomorrow afternoon when Ill be home again.

Tails@Makuzi I think is what you are looking for?


I’m confused on how I get into the guild in undermine

Lara Whitewolf@chenders I think this is right, but if not help me again. I need a bit of hand holding.

Few characters to join the game:
Artos PenDragon@garthyr
Lady of Pain@garthyr

Thank you

Invited in game.

Thank you for the invite–hoping to get the other alts invited also as I play a number of different classes. Thank you

Looking for invite to OTG in NW for Abaddyn, Nagaraj, Syn, and Garthyr
Thank you

they’ve all been given invites.

I have a few more that need an invite–Abaddyn, Syn,
Also, saw ingame I am supposed to register in the Forum–is that for each alt and for each different game? Where would I go to do that?

Hi I need an alt added though she will be my main and Adventria will be my alt. Character name: Kaylita@Jmae64

Thanks Adventria

Damien Warde@LiverWurst

Hello LiverWurst… can you post your invite on this thread, please?

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