Join us on US Official PvE #1524

A few of us are playing on US Official PvE server #1524. The locals here are pretty chill, and are more than happy to help out new players, or come to the rescue of someone getting their base purged.

For those who might have been scared for life after playing on an official Ark server, let me say that Conan Exiles isnt like that. No pillar spam, gather rates are reasonable, leveling into your 40s or 50s goes pretty quick.

Come join us if you’d like. We’d camping out in the valley just below the Black Galleon.

Will check it out. I got the game on Humble last month but haven’t even checked it out yet (so many games, so little time).


If you have some time, come check it out. Of all of the survival games that I’ve played, this one seems to be the most forgiving for new players. (I’m looking at you Ark! Who puts Carnos on newb beaches?!)

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Ok, scratch that. Can’t connect. Guess it must be restricted to US players only.

I’m in… and such terrible crimes I committed lol

Anyone playing these days?

Our group has drifted away from Conan at the moment, so I doubt there is any OTG on Official #1524. However… I think some OTG might still be playing on a private server somewhere.

That one is always empty Elidien

Oh didn’t know. It was one I played on with OTG back around October.

Is there an OTG server for Conan?

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I just joined this server, maybe there’s an appetite to get it up and going again?!

I just started up again and decided to check out Muspelheim. My only hesitation with a non official server is that the server could up and disappear at anytime. And the past few days I haven’t seen any other OTG people on that server. Feels like a single player game lol. I might just go check out the Official #1524 and see if any other OTG members are around.

i am on the server … not constantly that is … but i do wander in occasionally … Exiles is still one of the best open world survival craft games out there.

Laust on Public #1524

#1524 has become an active server at present.

Do we still have a presence on 1524? If so, is there a clan/guild for OTG?

I just checked it out too…didn’t see anyone