January Newsletter is out


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I’m so ready to drop a few dimes on this but I’m so leery of early access titles now, it’s such a crap shoot. I know this team consists of a lot of pros in the field and they all seem to be on the same page so that’s good. I’ve been checking out the monthly newsletters like you posted and I like the direction. I think I might wait until I see what kind of crafting they reveal at the next big drop.

It really irritates me how some companies have damaged the reputation of the gaming industry by taking advantage of early access and not delivering a solid product.


I get that. I was one of the fools who dropped $100 bucks on freakin’ Landmark and regret it so much. I was really head-shy about doing that sort of thing again. My hubs is still not over that burn and has not bought in yet.

That said, I have been watching Pantheon’s development for well over a year now and finally took the plunge in December, despite that my preferred race/class combo is not going to be available at launch.

I did it mostly because I didn’t want to miss out on the goodies currently included in the pack I got. I am sure once it goes into beta, they are going to get rid of the packs as they currently are, and they have been removing some stuff over time, too. Plus, I figure if my little drop-in-the-bucket subscription would help ensure development continues, I can feel good about it.