Was out of the loop for a bit. PC went tango uniform. Not sure what happened, but PS, MoBo and video card died. Must have been some kind of power surge. Working with a FrankenPC atm. Not sure when I’ll be able to upgrade to a new due to the world being crazy, but at least I’m not going stir crazy any more!

Thank you for my daily puzzle. Even though I was Army Reserves for 4 yrs, I do not remember hearing that phrase. Of course it could be because all of my compatriots were reservists and were equally uninformed.

OR…because I just happened to have been the only female in my entire unit and so many of the guys were careful around me. Not sure if it was the Sgt who towed that line with them. He was my mentor and taught me how to drive by following flash light signals (which was a ton of fun in the forest), or the fact that I had access to the commander’s office because I did most of their reports…however, it did feel like many of them were side stepping things or changing their verbiage on the fly. lol

Anyway, I did a google search and found the following explanation. It is VERY apropos for your situation and I appreciate my daily lesson especially since I can use this on other things that truly fit the definition. :rofl:

Tango uniform:
" A (primarily military) phrase to describe something that is dead or out-of-commission, likely using the image of a dead rat or possum lifelessly floating on its back. Origin: " tango " is the NATO Phonetic Alpha for the letter T, and " uniform " is the NATO Phonetic Alpha for the letter “U.”"


Tango Uniform = military jargon for Tits Up :wink:


I am sure that jargon was more frequently used than “dead on arrival” would have been :joy:

If TU got to you try FUBAR. :smiling_imp:

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I also suspect that may be why you may not have heard that particular expression referring to a part of the female anatomy. :slight_smile:

Or my favorite: DILIGAF

Or my least favorite to encounter: ROAD

Welcome back!

My favorite in the Navy was PAPERCLIP:
People Against People Ever Reenlisting, Civilian Life Is Preferred.

My favourite one for internal work sheets when I did IT support was TIIFOTK

The Idiot in front of the keyboard

Thanks yall!

Ford…Found on Road Dead :slight_smile:


FITS…frequently in the shop

I remember my HS friends and I used that phrase for some of the old 50’s muscle cars. Those guys were always working on something. Frankly I think they just enjoyed tinkering and it did not matter if there was anything that needed fixing. :joy:

…think “Grease” or The Fonze eras

Another IT Support one - PEBKAC - Problem exists between keyboard and chair

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I-D-10-T error is one I’ve heard people say. aka ID10T, idiot. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the Navy it was the PU-55-Y form.

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