It's a bootilicious world and I'm an old fart

I never click on ads, but with this one I had to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

What the…?

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That’s what happens when you fart too badly.


I don’t care who you are or how pretty your butt may be, but those are just fugly. Agree with you @Splutty.

Yeah I don’t see the point either :slight_smile:

aren’t those called chaps?, like cowboys wear

This might be your answer

Yeah, my first subject for the thread was “Assless chaps for chicks”, but I changed it.

Ladies…the '80’s want their pants back, no matter what you do to them.

i hope this catches on

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Name checks out.


Ooh. This thread earned me the “Popular Link” badge (50 clicks on a link). lmao

A “useful link that added interesting context to the conversation” my ass. Well, their asses, actually.