Isle of Siptah


Buy Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah in Early Access and get the exclusive Wartorn Rhino mount


The PC version launches in Early Access on September 15? I :parrot_dad: I will definitely pick up the expansion early access. See you there OTG!

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I am going to setup a server for this new map. I am going to call it Niflheim. We will have to see on the mods but hopefully at least no camera shake will be working. we will see.

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Looks like most of the mods are fried. That is why Muspelheim is down right now. One of them at least would not even let me start the client at all. couple of others would not work when connecting to a local game. Sorry, I will get it sorted in a bit.

For now, got Niflheim working with Isle of Siptah.
Pass: Ymir
10 slots for now. I will add more if we get a lot jumping in.
Got 6 of the mods working on it. no camara shake for one. yay. I will get more added back in to both servers day to day as they get fixed. Some may never work with the new map. we will see.

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password not working for me

I guess we just got an update. I rebooted the server. Restart steam and your client. I was able to direct connect with that password. I have also made a lot of changes to the mods being used. Many were updated but some I have replace with similar mods. Like now using unlock plus with pickup rather than pickup+, things like that.

There is a client side “no screen shake” option now so that might be one less mod to worry about?

New map is cool. Other than easy access to aloe, its a much easier and more natural progression for crafting. Aloe can be found along streams and lakes.

I think SW (easy) is the best starting spot.

Resources are spread out. For example, you will find iron and coal just around rocky areas and so far, no major patch of it.

Map gets harder further north and island you go.

Regarding healing changes: I like it. Food will slowly heal you with the “sated” buff but for good healing you need wraps. Wraps are plant material and aloe. They are tough going to start but once you get a sickle, you can easily get 1000 aloe in no time.

Strong mobs are randomly all over so there is a lot more fear (IMHO) just running around and harvesting. Things can go sideways fast.

I love that they added the toggle for screen shake. now I can poke around other servers now and then. I did remove the screen shake mod. SW is pretty nice. I started there at random and found a nice place for my first camp on that island to the south. found a nice patch of aloe though killing the cats there was harrowing.
I have two small iron patches nearby but that is it. need to explore more.

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I am thinking an initial base around M7 just north of the beach and then a permanent base around L11 with the little lake.

Those wild surges are cool. I killed a few mobs from two different ones. one spit out Dogs of the Desert. the other Vanir. One of the Vanir dropped an item. Everice of Ymir. It taught me the Ymir religion. So that is how you get the other religions now. Pretty cool.

I do like the new map a lot more. Its nice just being a temperate type zone. Resources seems very diverse and can be found anywhere. Once you get to steel tools and the sickle, the whole game changes because of how easy it is to make wraps. I do have to be a lot more cautious fighting mobs and exploring.

One skull “elites” still wreck me.

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I was in two minds about getting this but decided to in the end. At the price you can’t go too far wrong and it’ll cost twice that when it’s out of early access.

Started in the SE and created a tiny initial base on a little outcrop halfway up a cliff that’s inaccessible to all the npc’s I’ve seen so far. Somehow haven’t died while getting used to the new mechanics though I’ve had to run a few times. Just found some iron and coal. Not seen any structures from other players yet. It’s all been ok so far. Nothing astounding.

Hola, Looks like one of the mods needs an update on the server. Wasn’t sure how many are admins of the server. Just wanted to give a heads up. Checking online, I found no way for me to roll back mods outside of keeping a backup of the folder they are in.

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I had the same issue. I had to remove my mods after researching where they are located, then unsubscribe, restart, then subscribe to them through the UI in Conan when connecting. This fixed the issue for me.

Happens over and over again. Clients get forced updates whenever STEAM feels like it, servers get them much later, presumably when they do a restart. This is a major issue with STEAM and it’s been going on since day 1.

and it looks like another mod update is coming today.

“Emberlight 3.1.3 is comin’ atcha in about 1 hour 45 minutes, or 12pm CST.”

so there will be a reboot sometime after noon.

yay :disappointed:

Some big changes on the Testlive server:

2.3 should arrive this week per the dev update last week. And it sounds like travel between both maps will be in 2.4. Exciting times Exiles.

so we can travel between the maps, that will be cool

Sounds cool.
except for the broken mods part. that’s not as cool. but the rest of it sounds cool.