Iska, outrider of ruin

Does anyone have advice for getting Iska to spawn?

I’ve read the wowhead article but still coming up dry for a few weeks …

Iska, Outrider of Ruin - NPC - World of Warcraft (

also … getting genesis motes is terrible …

You can’t make him spawn, he shares spawn point with 2 other mobs.

I just got into the habit of waiting for text in chat that says

“A loud rumbling echoes in the distance as the northern sands begin to shift” for spawns

You then have about 2 minutes to get to the spawn point for the kill.

People needing to kill Rares has dropped significantly from the start of the patch so if it is tied to # of rares killed before it spawns, best time will be Maintenance Day (Tuesday) when most people still knock out their weekly quests vs end of the week when it is starting to be a struggle for even an Antros Group.

Genesis Motes need to be aoe farmed in a 4x4 party, look in group finder to see if anyone is setting one up, they usually do it for the leather, but Motes drop as well.


very helpful!