Is there a chapter in BDO?

I just rebought Black Desert Online and was wondering if OTG has an active chapter in the game. Used to own the game but it one day disappeared from Steam and I had to rebuy it, luckily on sale for only $2.99. Guess it is not popular anymore. Anyway, I want to restart the game and see if they have made it any easier to play, so my first thought was my old guild OTG which seemed to have an active chapter in every game out there. Someone please respond to this question asap. Thank you. Guild Name is RYKARD.

Not anymore. It was disbanded earlier this year due to lack of activity. There’s a post from the admin team on the subject around here somewhere.

Edit: Thought I’d be able to find the post and link it, but I can’t find it now. However, you’ll find the old BDO chapter section was moved to Archives.

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Thank you for your help.

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