Is the Nautilus leaked, or for sale?

I didn’t get a notice, but see tons of stuff about it. Is it a CitCon sale that someone leaked?

Vid says leak.
Appears on RSI website but only viewable if have tickets to the event today.

Oh man I like that, good grief I might upgrade my Hercules Starlifter to that and drop some money…can’t believe I’m even thinking of doing that hehe. :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

Are we even going to see this soon? There’s no things in the game to even deploy mines at. There’s no areas that require control. Maybe Grim HEX and Jumptown. That’s it.

It’s not that i didn’t expect this, it’s that they worked on this and there’s ZERO gameplay for it for us when we’re starving for repair/salvage/scavenge/ANYTHING.

During CitCon I believe, so likely very soon.

It might have been needed for SQ42. Not as something we will do but an asset we might have to guard during a mission or something. They might have figured if we have to do the outside for use in there we might as well put it through the full pipeline and get it completely done. And then we can allow players to buy it if they want.

Just speculation on my part.

Ship teams do not work on professions features.

I feel you frustration in not having other systems in place but this did not affect those types of features one bit.

The plan has been, for a long time, to have ships go straight to flyable when they are released for sale.
I expect all new ships to head in this direction. That might be part of why we are not hearing as much about ship development. Or because less is being done while SQ42 is the focus.

I like the ship and kinda called it weeks ago. Last year we saw the Kraken and a giant slap in the face to Aegis when they were the pirate vehicles in the ad. Aegis had to respond with a cap killer.

My only hesitation in getting one is the manufacturer. I am not an Aegis fan. Do not like their style, never have. I enjoy Drake but really love what we have seen concepted for Crusader Industries. To me Crusader makes ships that are a nice blend of Origin style and Anvil function. That works for me.

So I have 2 spare Merchantmen and I will likely upgrade on to this when it is an option. If it is not, then I will pass.

I also have a Scoundrel pack that I no longer need, so I could swap that out for one of these. We will see when it goes live to the rest of the world. I would think Concierge should get a shot at this sooner than later. If not then that is a HUGE slap in the face to concierge.

Link is viewable for me now:

I’m concierge, I can buy it. Won’t, but I can.

Traded in my 600i explorer and Carrack for a Nautilus. Not altogether sure what I’ll do with it. I think it looks nice.

PS: anyone recall where we update our fleet list?

This thread has the link to the OTG fleet spreadsheet: Toruk's fleet info sheet

I like the look of the Nautilus a lot, but I’m not sure if I need a giant minelaying ship at the start. I guess I’ll look at swapping my Hercules Starlifter for a BMM of a Hull C or D for more space to haul loads from the Orion.

Thanks Thavik!