Is the level 70 datacron worth it?

Hi all,

I’m back in game and having fun. However, I have limited time and was thinking of buying the level 70 datacron. Has anyone done this and would you recommend it? My understanding is I can still go back and do the class story only faster.

Finally, with the boost could I jump in on some of the guild Saturday runs?


You can boost immediately to level 70 and still do the storylines. However, if you want to gear your toon in 252 gear by doing Ossus dailies, you’ll have to advance all your storylines to that point. You can do this on your ship. It’s your call but if your goal is to avoid the tedium of leveling, it’s definitely worth it.

Thanks! I have a huge number of coins so I’m probably going to get one as soon as I get my operative and sorc to 50. The one I like most will be the one who gets boosted.