Is it me (my PC) or the game?

I’ve been trying to play the game for the past couple of weeks and am encountering crazy bugs and issues. For example, yesterday I accepted one of the ‘multi-drop’ cargo missions. Getting to the ship was fine but then on trying to use the Starmap, I could not click on the destination point at all. This happens a lot to me, on the stamap, where I just can’t select the right spot. So I flew manually to the nearest planet and then brought up the star map again, but still couldn’t select the destination (so could not quantum drive to the location) and had to manually fly to it at regular speeds, which took over 30 minutes.

Once I picked up the three packages from one location, I had issues with the spacebar (for lift off) which just stopped working, as did several other buttons/functions. After delivering the first two packages I used the ship bed to log out. When I logged back in, the system had dropped my delivery mission entirely. I still had the third box in the ship but now couldn’t deliver it and I’d lost the mission so didn’t get paid anything. On lift off from the planet I was on, the ship flipped upside down (with no control input from me) and then dived into the ground, exploding on impact and, for some reason, giving me a criminal status.

This is very frustrating. I want to love the game but this kind of thing makes it very hard to love! When I watch videos of others playing they NEVER seem to have this ‘selection’ issue on the Star map, whereas for me I have it all the time.

Are the issues I’m experiencing due to having a middling PC to play on, or is it just the state of the game? I don’t see the issue with the map mentioned anywhere else but for me it’s extraordinarily janky, all the time.

Spoiler: It’s not you or your PC.

The UI and UI interactions are… Less than optimal. The mission thing has been reported numerous times as far back as I remember there being missions. (As in, you can’t do it in ‘stages’).

What sometimes helps for me when the UI loses complete track of where my cursor is, is to switch the game to windowed mode and back to fullscreen-windowed.

But honestly, I’ve kinda given up on the game until some serious overhauls get implemented.

The starmap bug is new to this build. Getting up out of the chair and back in usually fixes it for me. There is no mission persistence. If you dont finish a mission before you log out, you lose them all and no money. So finish what you start. This month is all about the new ship show. Most of the development goes to getting the ship show ready. Also a new patch build is incoming. When all of these things and server populations increase, it makes the alpha unstable. So remember this is a work in progress. Have patience and enjoy what you can.

Thanks both, very helpful and FWIW I am trying to be patient! I love the premise of the game, I’m a Concierge level backer so I have expressed faith in it, was really just wondering if it was just me and/or linked to my computer performance as I was seeing a lot of videos (edited I know!) that didn’t ever mention these issues.

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Yea they arent going to. A lot of those guys are paid by RSI, so all you will ever hear from them is glory to star citizen lol.

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