Is anyone also playing Guild Wars 1?

Hey party people. Is anyone else playing GW1? I had picked up the expansions on the cheap from the steam winter sale and have been having a pretty good time with it. Pretty neat going to the past versions of the locations I had been playing in GW2 since its launch. Also, pre-searing has been pretty nice too.


I haven’t played in a year or two or probably more, but Pre-Searing Ascalon is probably my favorite starter zone in any game. I’ve got a level 20 ranger parked there with his pet bear, which was a PITA to tame. The rest of the game is still a lot of fun, just a totally different experience from GW2. I keep meaning to go back and revisit it but other games keep getting in the way.

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Haven’t played in ages, but I played the heck out of it back when. I’d def be up for hopping on occasionally.

I havent played GW1 in years. I do remember when I started playing GW2 that you could carry over your achievements from GW1 and get some nice rewards for your GW1 achievements. If I could find my copy of GW1, I wouldnt mind playing again. GW1 is a good game, and I would like to go back and get more achievements. :slight_smile:

When it they first came out. GW1 and GW2, I played quite a bit and they are really done well. Enjoyable with a great stories. But I got away from both games. Good to see that GW2 is still going strong.

I got a character sat in pre-searing at level 19 to farm charr bosses with the fire imp. Another prophesies character in post searing working through the campaign. And 1 more for both Factions and Nightfall. Every so often Ill see a spell name and be like “so THAT’S how that used to work”.
It really is a completely different animal when it comes to gameplay tho. The whole instanced world with small camps to find other players feels a lot like Path of Exile, but the commanding your heroes bit feels like Overlord. Also outfitting the heroes with gear and spells on top of your own? Its not bad… Its just a level of micromanagement I wasn’t expecting.

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Once in a blue moon. Love some of the classes still.

I LOVED GW1! Liked it much more than GW2 which was a disappointment to me. I tried it again years ago but there were not many players.

I haven’t played Guild Wars 1 myself, but I’ve heard it’s got a dedicated fanbase. Some players really love the deep lore and unique gameplay it offers
What aspects of the game do you find most captivating?

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