Is anyone able/willing to take a comission on 2 Twice-Born Star sets?

Twice-Born Star is a 9 trait crafted set made in Craglorn (One Tamriel). My crafter can do a few of the weapons, and none of the armor or jewelry pieces yet. My armor is around 8 traits now, and I am just finishing up my 6th jewelry trait.

I would supply the needed materials and a gold bonus for your time in making the set. I do not know the exact pieces yet, but it is looking like CP160 medium chest, legs, boots, belt, and gloves with divine legendary quality. Or we may want to go with weapons (likely bow + 2H) and jewelry (with maybe swift), although if we go this way, maybe we should go epic jewelry since JC mats are really expensive. Depends on theorycrafting that is in process yet. Maybe it would be best to commission everything but the head and shoulders in 2 sets. Got to talk it over with my son.

Anyway I was just checking to see if anyone who is still active has the skills to do this set.

I can do twice born on everything except for the jewelry if you don’t have this taken care of yet. Message me in game @BlackStar7.