Invte to guild

Sorry not seeing a thread on it. Returning after years. Character name is “The Warcrime” on PC. Thanks in advance.

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Just as a generic heads up, that sort of info should always be in each chapters Chapter Information section for easy finding. Either way I’m sure one of those ESO professionals will be along to help!

Thank you, found it and sent the PM. Could not find it on my phone. Old eyes hehe.

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Your invite was sent this morning, check your game notifications tab

Ill have to look up otg on eso on my Playstation

@Quickbow - check your messages to complete your OTG application. After that’s complete, you can join us in game.

What do i need to update gave all my info to lorantell

@Quickbow , I will ask Lorantell to resend the message you need to reply to. Look for that new message.