Invite to active clan?

Uplay nick: TerraRebell
Current clan: OTG: OldTimers Guild
Active members: 3

Any better clan than this? :slight_smile:

At one point we had 3 active clans, but I guess most have moved on to other games and rarely get together. Maybe if we post here some more, it’ll wake up the team!

Is this the only clan atm?

are you guys still looking for people . my in game name is sathomas105.

Been playing D2 for a couple of weeks now. just hit 30 . Been asking for Guild invite in the game but no answer, guess its not s jumping as it was.
Anyway been an OTG member sense 2007 and would like an invite to the games OTG guild …peeeeeez?.
UPLAY: Splattmcnasty
D2: Splattmcnasty

I usually play on xbox but recently purchased the PC version. Look for a friend invite from me guys :wink:

Do we have a guild in TD2? Who do we talk to to get invited in? Or, reinvited.

Got back into Division 2 and playing it alot recently. Would also like to be invited back into clan.

Uplay : outlawjwales3