Invite Please?

@Tess_Phyreforge Please invite @R’Thana To guild? Beladonia is my character name :slight_smile: You know me on FB grp as Peter.
Thank you,

Please go to this link if you have not filled out a OTG membership Application
and click on Membership Applications

fill out the application once approved member then plz send me a PM with a request to join the ESO chapter

Once you have posted your Application you must follow your post and answer any question the membership officer may have and your membership officer will get your application processed in a timely manner

Getting it set back up now :slight_smile:

I’ts official I’m back in otg :slight_smile: Can I get an invite to ESO guild? R’thana is account name.
Thank you!

PC-NA , Xbox, PS4? ESO has 3 different platforms
@R’thana not found on PC-NA

PC @name is same named used to log into the game
Xbox = gamer tag

I’m logged in now. whats your account? I’ll send you an email.

I’m logged in PC-NA, r’thana. whats your in game name and I’ll send you an email

@Darkshard_Rex character name Lord Darkshard. Long time OTG member first time in ESO. @Tess_Phyreforge Can you hook me up with an invite please.