Invite eso guild

Hi there, im a 55yr old female who plays eso everyday. I would like to join the eso guild but im having trouble trying to message someone about this, im such a noob :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Hopefully one day i will work this out, neva had dc b4. So heres hoping i have some success :thinking:

Hello @MissBrianne !

In order to join one of our game chapters, you need to be a member of the OTG community first. If you havent already done so, you can find information about our application process here:

Heres the place to start: Before You Apply Things to Know
Submit an application here: OTG Application

Hi, thanks for the reply, i most certainly am a member of otg and have the 1st ticket after completing the introduction part of talking with the bot on dc

Were you a member on the old vb5 forums? If so, what was your username?

Hi, im a member of this discord group, ive been trying to find a guild to join in eso for older people, i joined this dc group hoping i will eventually be able to join the eso guild for otg, thanks xx

At this time, @MissBrianne, you are only at the Registered User level here. In order to join any of our in-game guilds/clans, such as ESO, you need to first become a full member of our community (Discourse Trust Level member).

To accomplish this, you must complete the application process using the links that @Hashberry noted above:

Thank u both for the help, i just completed the application, god im such a noob at all of this, i will get the hang of it all and im looking forward to getting to know u all

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I did try and send you a PM a few times, but you are not accepting message setting is on.

Are you looking to join our ESO Chapter ? please read 1st - Elder Scrolls Online - Old Timers Guild