Invictus week thoughts

I’ve been keeping an eye on the upcoming Invictus event. There’s been a lot of explanation about the lore of the event, how it’s the beginning of the recruitment year for the UEE Navy.

I know the chances are slim since they are pretty open about their development… But given the Navy focus, do you think there’s a possibility they might surprise us with a bit of Squadron 42?

Any news would be a welcomed surprise.

Also, welcome!

-edit: didn’t mean to come off as so negative.

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Any new ships this cycle, or just rehashing the old ones?

Aside from the Origin vehicle, pretty much a rehash so far. Drake is tomorrow, there is always a chance. Although I think I remember you generally dislike them as a manufacturer.

Meh, I own enough of them to make it moot :stuck_out_tongue: All of them to be precise.