Introducing: User Experience

Greetings OTG Community!

We are proud to announce our newest chapter: :tada: User Experience. :tada:

The User Experience team will be providing a few services:

  1. Support. Need help with Discord? Forums? Looking for information and can’t find it? We can help. Post your issues in the Help Center ( Suggested tags*: help, request, discord, discourse

  2. Feedback & Suggestions. We are always looking to improve and we want to hear your ideas! Post in the Feedback and Suggestions forum ( Please note: We all have different ideas of what does and doesn’t work, what looks the “best”, or how things should be. For every idea, someone else has the total opposite. ALL productive comments will be reviewed and considered. Things also take time. However, not all can or will be implemented. Your voice is important regardless, and we appreciate your understanding. If your comment is chapter-specific only, we will pass it on to chapter leadership. Suggested tags*: suggestion, feedback, discord, discourse

  3. How-to guides and other documentation. Having trouble finding a policy, or just don’t understand how to do something? Perhaps we need more than just to answer your question. Perhaps we need a how-to guide written, a wiki, or other formal documentation. Please use the Feedback and Suggestions forum for these requests as well.

  4. Other: We are also working towards more consistent organization, such as forum tagging. There is a lot of information around OTG, and we all need to be able to find it. The search function here on Discourse is awesome. We’re going to try to make it easier. Think we need a tag added? Let us know.

  • Suggested tags: These are just to help bring the proper attention to your posts, and helps everyone use the search function better. Suggested tags are common tags that would be useful in that area. Choose whichever apply to your needs. Don’t know how to use tags? We might need a doc for that! :writing_hand:

TLDR: We are here to help YOU. Tell us how.


Sounds legit! Thanks for being there for the guild!