Internet browser mouse button interaction

I have a bit of an odd question, in Windows 10 where can I go to change the mouse button settings for browsing the internet so my extra mouse buttons aren’t used for going back and forward through web pages? The back button on my mouse is the same button I use for push to talk and it’s irritating when I’m on Discord and the net. I haven’t come across anything that does the job yet.

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard app doesn’t work because I don’t use a Microsoft brand mouse. The manufacturer’s mouse software doesn’t help even though I can change the commands for the extra mouse buttons it overrides the Discord keybinding for that mouse button.

Is there a way to disable mouse button commands for a particular browser because I’m not finding anything searching around.

Thanks in advance for any input :sunglasses:

Which browser? I have never experienced this issue with Chrome and my Naga mice.

ANy browser really, happens with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Explorer. Buttons 4 and 5 on my mouse are set to Back and Forward on the browser by default. I have mouse button 4 set to push to talk (which acts as the back button for browsers). If I have a browser and Discord open at the same time and I’m interacting with a web page if I click the mouse button I have set to push to talk in Discord it will also trigger the browser key setting for that mouse button and go Back on the browser. It won’t happen if the mouse cursor is not on the browser, it’s not a huge issue, just an annoying one.

I bought a cheapy foot switch. The driver that comes with it lets me set it to any keyboard press i wish. thus not having to worry about mouse / browser controls.


My push-to-talk is F1. When I have a browser focused it opens a help page… sometimes I look and I have 20 or 30 help pages open! LOL…

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The joys of push to talk.

What mouse do you use? Does it have it’s own software? The M&K app is the only way to do it outside of third party software that works for their own brands, like Logitech Gaming Software.

I have a spare key on my G700s assigned to F9 for PTT, because it’s not used in most of the things I play.

Mouse Buttons 4 and 5 are by default mapped to the media actions “Back” and “Forward”.

If your push-to-talk is “Back” then there’s literally nothing you can do to make Discord and your browser behave differently.

The only option is to go into your mouse device software (assuming your mouse has that), and change the behaviour of the mouse (“Back”) button to something else, then bind that something else to your push-to-talk.