Interesting hint on PTR: Cross-Faction play

I found this interesting but buried farther down in the article. However, I noticed this: “guilds will remain exclusive,” which leads me to the question about guilds being able to invite others to guild events? As usual Bliz always is not that clear in their writing, so I’m not sure if we as a guild group can invite anyone from the opposite faction guild (I’m thinking our Horde guild) to join in our guild raid? Or is this going to be restricted to “alts on an opposite faction from your main character will no longer be essentially cut off from all your gold and resources.

While Blizzard is slowly opening up cross-faction play, guilds will remain exclusive, at least for the time being.

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As long as your battle tag friends or part of the same community, you can invite cross-faction for those events. Doesn’t matter what Guild they are in.

What they are saying is if you are in alliance OTG on Anvilmar, you can not invite a horde character on Anvilmar to be a guild member of OTG.

Has absolutely nothing to do with the ability to invite cross-faction players to raids.

The other thing they have finally allowed is that you can now mail your cross-faction Alts anything…it is no longer BOA required items only.

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