Interested in joining a game/campaign

I recently got back into playing D&D tabletop type campaigns by a local friend of mine, but our current campaign has stalled because of real life issues for the DM who also wants to restart the campaign. So after not playing any tabletop games short of Magic the Gathering in the last 20 years I now have D&D fever and I am looking for any games or a campaign to join. I lean towards D&D/Forgotten Realms type games, but I have played and DM’d games in D&D/Forgotten Realms/Ravenloft/Dark Sun and other games like Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Rolemaster, Star Wars in the past. So far I have used D&D Beyond and Tabletop Simulator for the digital stuff, but I am open to learning new systems and I can pick stuff up quickly. My time is pretty open aside from Fridays and Tuesdays, but I am only busy on occasional Tuesdays as that is when my brother and I go to the movies for $5 sometimes. My playstyle is…well I am always more than open to playing something that compliments the group and I never try to make the game about me or derail it.