Int Trinkets in Shadowlands

I have been searching for Int trinkets and, as everyone knows, finding them is a bit of a crap shoot. So I did a Wowhead search. I used my own Shaman filter without a name and came up with the following.

So according to this listing, the Sparkling Sand Pile in Zereth Mortis, outside of the raid boss drops, seem to be something to look into. I’ve not checked the Sand Piles yet so perhaps when I do, I’ll get lucky for my resto shaman.

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@lynspottery This is a great find! Thanks!

I was able to get 6/7 sand piles looted but still need the last one, but could not obtain another Spatial Opener which I need to obtain from the Domination Cache up north near the Dread Portal in Zereth Mortis. But I looted the following items for my shammy:

Gemstone of Prismatic Brilliance, Unfathomable Pendant, Extract of Prodigious Sands, Discarded Cartel AI Signet, Salvaged Viperid Band, and Impossibly Ancient Band.

Which leaves the Abandoned Automa Loop to get.

Each sand pile contains a specific epic item level 246 piece of equipment and the same amount of resources as other unique treasures (exact items may differ depending on class/spec/role):

Just make sure you read the comment section. This particular posting was from the PTR beforehand so the ilvls are different in the game currently, however, the information is good.

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