Inscription: Blood Contracts

I thought I would share this since we have a little bit of time before Dragonflight launches, and people are coming back to the game. If you are not interested in a profession you might want to at least look into this one. Here is a link on Wowhead that explains this profession from the BfA perspective.

My hunter is an Inscriptionist and I use Blood Contract: Bloodshed while out and about questing. I have two beasts I use as BeastMaster, but having a third that does considerable dps is really helpful. But you do not have to be a hunter to learn the inscription profession.

However, if you are a bit squishy and have not chosen a profession yet, it might be worthwhile to pick it up for the contracts you can learn.

Granted this particular set of contracts are from BfA, they actually are really helpful in combat. Outside of these, you can also learn Missives, Rep Contracts, etc., which are helpful as well. But there is one caveat here: this Bloodshed (or other contract) does not appear when you are in an instance, dungeon or raid environment, only in the open world. Since most folks tend to solo open world, that extra bit of dps can make the difference between dying to a mob or surviving since you are not in a group.

Benefits of Sanguine Feather Quill of Lana’thel

Sanguine Feather Quill of Lana’thel allows you to create Blood Contracts, and heal from the corpses of outdoor mobs.

Should you drop Inscription and pick it back up, you can learn the Blood Contracts via Recipe Book: Sanguine Feather Quill of Lana’thel.

Which other professions goes along with inscription? I want the extra pet. Hell who am I kidding I need the extra pet.

You will need Herbalism because its the flowers that are your mats for the inscriptions. And keep in mind its a BfA profession to get that inscription recipe so start harvesting that stuff.

Catch up with me in game later this evening. I’m off for dinner at the moment. I’ll be able to outline what I have. I’ll also be happy to help you get through that BfA stuff for the recipe. I have all the different ones but I use the Bloodshed one the most. I found the tank one was not that effective, but have not tried the healer one. Don’t remember how the Oblivion one is but I keep coming back to the Bloodshed (its a boar) and it does a lot of damage.

Thanks Lyn

You are quite welcome. Just holler out when you need help. :grinning: