In Game Invite,

Hi, all if at all possible I’d like to join The OTG crew on Diablo 3 I’m always on but none of the guys seem to be officer’s. Looking forward to wearing the OTG tag soon.
any of the members from Wozz crew knows my toon Esoteric,

@Esoteric you need to post a request here :

so that all my officers see your request and one of us can jump on, typically me for D3

  1. You can friend me, see my tag below
  2. For some reason your forum name is grey, should be blue. Did you just apply?


A returning member.
I looked up the info & set @Esoteric up. He should be able to see the proper area to post now.

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Not sure why it’s greyed, I get regular emails and check on site monthly at least

what chat are we using now, I’ve been in Wozzle’s World for so long, I check on OTG’s discord and it seems abandonded ?

My in game tag is N2Deep, I’ve sent a friend invite to @Viking ingame

I don’t see it. perhaps went to a different viking.
I am Viking#1537
What is your full battle tag? You can view it at the top of your friends list in game.

I’ve sent you a friend request with the #1537 tag, in game and requested to join OTG

N2Deep#1941, I’ve also requested to join OTG Guild ingame