In game audio problem

I haven’t changed any settings, but I can no longer hear game “dialog” … like the computer talking when you enter a save zone, or when you are on a mission … I can hear music, voice chat, sounds like shooting … it’s weird … I’ve restarted/rebooted and all of the different volume levels are up in the settings…

any thoughts?

If you’ve checked the ‘dialog’ volume setting and it’s up, the maybe you have a corrupted file? Can you clear cache or delete certain files where they are rebuilt when you come back into the game (similar to the old Cache and WTF files in Warcraft).

I looked to see if other people were having this problem and several reported the same problem back in February. One turned the volume off, then on. One ended up putting in a ticket to report it as a known bug.

I don’t know if this helps, but maybe will lead you in a different direction, one that is hopefully not a rabbit hole.

All the best Matt. Mid

THANKS for giving me some options! When I get home from work tonight, I’ll give these a try. … it’s a strange experience, not having any voices.