I'm writing a mobile trading app, looking for testers

Hi friends,

I’ve been working with a couple friends to write a mobile app (both Android and iOS) to serve as a side tool while playing the game, centered around reference lookups for buy/sell price, as well as finding trade routes. It’s already rather involved, but the mobile app is a bit utilitarian. It talks to a backend web API that I’ve written from scratch which enables us to keep the data up-to-date pretty easily.

So far, you are the first group of people I’ve mentioned this to, as I know the OTG membership is pretty trustworthy and are nice, helpful people. I’d prefer not to post this on /r/starcitizen and get a huge wave of people asking to test because the infrastructure I have spooled up is probably enough to handle a hundred people, but not ten thousand at once.

If you’re interested in helping out, would you please head over to https://forum.sc-tc.net and sign up there? It’s a discourse forum, just like OTG’s, so the features should be familiar. If you put a post in the alpha/beta test category, I’ll create a login for you in our login database (i’m intentionally not enabling mass-self-signup yet, again since I don’t have a lot of infrastructure to handle people – though it’s written in such a way that I can scale it up very quickly when it’s time to “release.”)

I’m looking for feedback throughout the entire gamut of the process. If you’ve got an opinion, I want to hear it.

Thanks for your time,
Argen/Argenia (WoW),
Argen Jaenu (EvE),
ArgenJaenu (Star Citizen)

Will check this out as soon as Thanksgiving holiday fiasco calms a bit. Still have family over visiting and crazy schedule of things.
Looking forward to checking it out soon though.

I am interested, but SCs economy has yet to be released. Not sure if I can help much till then.

I will definitely check this out this week.