I'm finally almost finished getting Remnant gear

With my brain issues (ASD) there are many parts of the game that I can’t participate in. “Accomplishments” for me are generally things that most other people either find easy or uninteresting. Most people don’t find my accomplishments worth celebrating. I may not be able to participate with most people in their challenges and accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean that mine don’t matter. So, I’m taking electrons and social space to celebrate one of the things that’s most important to me in this game: completing my collection of Remnant gear.

When I started playing again a few months ago (after about 5 years) I still needed 43 pieces of the Remnant gear sets that come in the KotFE Alliance crates. At that point, I was getting 1 new piece for every 10 crates I opened. As of right now, I’m down to needing 16 more pieces. Woohoo. I want to count down in public from here.

One of the reasons this is such an accomplishment for me is because I generally don’t do anything in games that requires grinding. I don’t have much stomach or patience for it. Acquiring these crates has required a fair amount of grinding, whether it’s been through heroics or leveling toons to the point of opening up the Star Fortresses (which gives you about 36 crates each time).

My last toon to open up Star Fortresses only got 1 new piece from 36 crates. That scared me a bit, but it appears to have been a fluke. Since then I’ve been averaging 1 for every 12-ish crates. I can live with that. I am concerned how many the last 5 or so will require. With the consistency of the rate of acquisition I’m experiencing, I’m wondering if they wrote code to make sure the process wasn’t simply random. RNG could make the process almost impossible to complete. 7 pieces x five sets x 8 classes = enough for RNG to be a complete pain.

Strangely, I’m finding the Resurrected sets to be the hardest to acquire. That’s been my consistent experience from the beginning. I doubt it’s by chance, but I find it interesting that the devs would make one set of sets harder to get than the others.

It does take a while. Don’t forget to check Kai on the fleet for pieces. He has new gear every week.

Thanks, Elvis. I’ve looked at his stock maybe 3 times and he always seems to mostly sell set bonus gear, which I don’t care about yet. I’ll pay attention to that once I start playing Onslaught content, which probably won’t be for a few months yet. I’ve never seen him sell Remnant gear.

Grats, Ribbit! Sounds like you’re having fun. That’s what it’s all about. :grin:

I went back to Classic. It’s more my speed than the retail version of Wow. I found out about an add-on that adds achieves in Classic. I loaded it up and started working on some and sure enough, my stress level started creeping up, so I deleted the add. Won’t do that again.

Now, if they ever add transmogs in Classic, I’ll be a goner. Love the transmogs.

Happy gaming, my friend.

Hi @Mid !! Nice to hear from you!

I wouldn’t say I’m having a lot of fun, but I’m accomplishing things and I don’t get much chance to experience that in RL, so it’s satisfying… along with some fun regarding stories and killing pixels. XD

Ah, the stress of gaming. Congrats on taking care of yourself by going back to Classic. I’m glad it works for you. And it sounds like the slowness and cooperation might be good for me, too.

RL is calling me away from gaming lately. It’s time for me to crawl out of my computer and remember what having a real life is like. I can’t tell yet if that will mean no gaming and/or tv or just reduced gaming/tv. For now, some gaming is okay, as long as I continue to shift my focus to RL being primary. I have creative projects to get back to. My books and music ain’t gonna make themselves.

If I finish with SWTOR and look for a different game, I might look you up in Classic, although ESO is still calling to me to get caught up on content. Ah, the stress of gaming. :wink:

Enjoy yourself, my friend.

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15 to go.

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14 more to get.

With the announcement of the next expansion, I figured I’d better start playing the current one, so I’ve been trying to get a toon to the point where I can start it. I’m almost there. I haven’t had much time for heroics in order to get the crates, so my progress on the Remnant gear has slowed way down. I got a daily PO to do 3 heroics today, so I did 9 and was able to get something I didn’t have yet. \o/

12 more to go.

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  1. Wow. Going really slowly these days.

Woot. Down to 10. So much for slow.

Nine more. I’m getting tired of this, but there aren’t many more to get.

“You can do it!! Go, go, go!!”

Thanks :smiley:

“You’re welcome, but you really should stop talking to yourself. People are going to wonder.”

More than they already do?


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Got another one. Only 8 left. Woot.

7 more to go. Whew. What a slog.

sings “Grinding, grinding, grinding…” to the tune of “Rawhide”

Lol. Me too. Rawhide tune before I saw your comment about rawhide.

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