Ideas on Movies to watch

I’m look for a action/sci-fi/Fantasy, etc… genre that has a specific plot.

Movies like Under Seige, Sky High, John Wick, Red, Spiderman (the first in any universe), Taken, Shazam, Deadpool, etc…

The common theme here is the main character either is a badass retired or trying to stay off the grid and is brought back or put in situation where they must use thier special set of skills…


The person develops super powers and the ass kicking ensures.

I love movies and watched many (maybe most I don’t keep track), and I have found I really like this style of movie as it could cover a wide range of plots.

Please throw your ideas out there, maybe I’ve seen it but forgot how good it was and watch it again, or maybe I’ve never seen it, it doesn’t matter to me, just looking for some popcorn movies.

I would stipulate it has to be good, but that’s pretty subjective, so just toss it out there if you know of one, even if you think it was a stinker.


Altered Carbon is by far one of my favorites this year. Another I am looking forward to is Black Adam.

Also, I’m a big fan of historical drama much like Troy.

Try the movie Upgrade, one of my favorites.

Try the Samaritan on Amazon Prime to see if pushes your buttons.

The Outfit is a good one, but just reading the info about it didn’t really excite me, top notch story with twists and turns throughout

Obviously it costs, but Top Gun: Maverick was better than the original… IMO.

Alien (the first one)
Escape from New York (the first one … not any of the others)
Big Trouble in Little China (You want badass + “super” heroes / powers … shiiiit yer in for a ride)
Time Bandits (fantasy/children’s movie I’d say but awesome)
Starship Troopers (turn brain off - enjoy)
Die Hard (the first one)

…and if you have never ever ever seen “The Princess Bride” (as an aside … don’t think it makes your list)

If u ever watched the Departed, I highly suggest watching the original movie, Infernal Affairs.

I’m a huge martial arts movie fan, so anything with Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung, etc

Here’s some older favorites at our house:

Long Kiss Goodnight
Face Off
True Lies

Galaxy Quest is fun in space…

Face Off great movie

I haven’t seen the Outfit, will look into it.

Oh Man forgot about some of these movies. Seen all of them but this is great. Totally forgot about Face-Off, two legends, swapping roles, so each gets to play the psycho.

I saw Samaritan when it came out and I was pleasantly entertained. I had watched several of Bruce Willis’ recent released movies over the pandemic and they were just OK, was worried Samaritan was going to be similar, but I really liked it.

If you don’t mind older movies, I recommend anything by John Carpenter. Specifically speaking, I highly recommend “They Live”, “The Thing” and “In the Mouth of Madness.” Some horror movie gore can be expected in The Thing and In the Mouth of Madness, but the stories themselves are brilliant. And almost anything by M. Night Shayamalan is good too. I would start with the movie “Signs” if you’ve never seen it. For comedy, I would recommend “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz.” I agree with the other poster that “Galaxy Quest” is awesome too. It’s one of my ‘go-to’ movies to watch when I want to laugh.

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