Idea for in game hosted event - Feedback wanted

Hello, my name is Marcus Blackwolf, proprietor of the Aternum Emporium. Here at our office in Windsward I was rummaging around in the back room when I discovered some items that have not been used in a long time as they have been upgraded. This got me to thinking f what to do with them as I could definitely use the space for more stuff that is being used. I could place them up for sale or just outright salvage them but being a pirate merchant, they would not make me any profit whatsoever as I do love keeping my gold in my pocket. Personally, I’d rather have them end up in the hands of a fellow pirate who can put them to good use collecting their own crap er I mean valuable treasure. And as nothing in this new world comes free without a cost, I want them to have to put in a little effort to obtain these fine beauties of chests. So, this led me to remember an event I used to host in a different lad far off called “Hide and Seek” I’ve roamed far and wide over these new lands and think I know its secrets well. Do you care to test me on this and your knowledge of the map? Then join me for a evening of discovery and a possible prize at them end… that is IF you can find me.

Thank you for reading. What follows are my first thoughts on an event of this type and it is currently a work in progress a there are certain things that I do not know if they are possible in” New World” and Discord. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Event: “Hide and Seek”

Duration: 1 Hour

Prize: 3 Iron Chests

Bonus Prize: 1,000.00 gold to the first person who opens a trade window with me.
(future bonus prizes could include – Me harvesting for you for 1 full day, specific material or maybe everything I pick up. This is hampered by the storage limits so may not be feasible)

Rules and Requirements:

  1. Each “contestant” must be present in the Discord channel to win.

  2. Hiding location will be in a ”lowbie” location – Don’t want to limit participation based upon level. Open to all guildmates regardless of character level.

  3. Hiding location will not require participants to battle hordes of elite mobs to get to location. Although there may be a few boars or wolves to contend with.

  4. Hiding location will be in a legal valid spot. You will not be required to “glitch” or whatever to obtain access to the location nor will it be in a “expedition”. However, there MAY be some climbing and jumping involved.

  5. Hiding location will be at or near a landmark that is visible on the in-game map. (As the clues progress from hard to easy they will be based upon the location name or area.

  6. At the start of the event a clue will be given out verbally in the Discord channel and then 3 minutes later be posted to the channel chat window to allow for refence as the event progresses. The first clue will be difficult, and each successive clue given out will become easier to identify the hiding location. Clues will be given out every so often (x minutes between each one. Maybe a max of 4-5 clues total.)

  7. If at the end of the event the hidden person is not located a “roll” will be made amongst the remaining participants to determine the winner. Need to see if there is a “bot” or something that could be setup to make this transparent and fair. Downside is that anyone could just join the channel, sit back and wait for duration to elapse and “roll” for the ending prize.

  8. More to come as I hash this out or not. Let the ideas and comments flow!

This sounds like a great idea! Please do continue planning and let us know if you need anything to pull it off?

I agree with Bambi. It sounds like fun.