Idea Doomsday Cult for Gamers OTGers are made for this

Hello from the Spirit World! My days here have been as rewarding as they are troublesome and often dangerous. I have been assembling my notes for some time now, and I was hoping other OTG members might be interested in visiting video games with me as they are being shut down and spending some time, maybe 3-6 weeks learning about the game and meeting the community. From my experience so far, this social and academic pursuit has brought me much joy.

Earlier this year, I was playing FF14 and needed a change. Unfortunately, no new game was speaking to me, and the google machine said Tera was shutting down its official servers in June, and the muse hit me. You may know of a game that is on its way with dust in the wind. My next stop is Forsaken World. Shuts down in Nov, and I learned of a Square Enix game, Babylon, that shuts down next Feb.

For all my years of gaming, I never sat on a server while it was a literary shutdown. Being more fatalistic than morbid, I wanted to be in a gaming universe with its denizens saying fair well as it went silent. Only knowing Tera superficially, I was fairly unbias. Ik it was famous for its action combat. I was more curious about who stays that long in a game. What do they do, when it is gone?

I didn’t see but a few old threads about Tera here, so I went venturing. I looked up the largest guilds on the NA server and started applying. Ended up in a guild called the Bunny Den. It has been around since the game went live 11 years ago or so. Score!

While playing, I met more incredible people than trolls, and my grey beard gave me the wisdom to deal with those.

Also, I learned new vocabulary words like parsing, and one night heard a young man in discord use the word meme as noun, verb, and adj, all in the same sentence. It has been a serendipitous blast so far, and I am looking forward to the next adventure. We start a few weeks. Forsaken World is being shut down in Nov and I want a month. Square Enix is shutting down a game called Babalon next Feb, and I never heard of that title until today. I’ve

What I am after is part of fan fiction, exploration, and game history preservation. I interview people to hear about the game they play in whatever form they choose and their comfort level.

Things like, where was your fav world event or a game change they hated? On Tera, I encountered an overarching opinion the devs checked out on the lore a long time ago. So I made up my own. I told all I encountered I found a video game goddess trapped in Tera, and if I set her free, she would give me the power to move video game magic from World to World. I met a person that only used about three words to communicate, OK, GO, DIE, and send in-game links to important quests to help point me in the right direction. It was so different and fun. I will remember that dude for the rest of my life. Killed a world boss with a handful of people and stuffed my pockets with so much of one of the pernicious currencies that plague pay-to-win games. I heard many people wax and wane about endings and moving-on.

So if you are interested in exploring the fading embers of video game worlds with the doomsday Cult for video gamers, let me know. I have brought gauze and half a dozen flares. A couple of clean jars and strike anywhere. If you’re coming, bring fuel. Map of the stars. Any canned food. Maybe more gauze.


the game called IRL also has a doomsday clock and when it stops ticking, well enjoy the ride if you can. I am sure you won’t be disappointed as it will have world events like asteroids falling from the sky, polar shifts literally turning the world 90 degrees putting Antartica at the equator, super volcanos, massive tsunamis, forest ripping winds, and you can expect a 95%+ extinction rate…

yeah I know you are being funny and I am not, but you don’t have to be in a cult to experience doomsday… it is coming at you like it or not.

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What would be your expectations of someone joining you in this endeavor? I am intrigued but not sure I have enough time to give to a research project. What kind of help do you need, and (just curious) how long have you been doing it?

Really, Im looking whatever time you would be willing to spend in game a game of your interest. I have toons in Elyion and forsaken world currently and other games. & in trying to compile a list of games that will be delisted in hte next couple of years. I created a discord for the project i could send ya too, if you are interested.

That sounds good go ahead and send me the Discord invite to Bouldernoggin#9146