Icons to the left of char names?

I know that icons to the right of character names are flair, but icons to the left of character names is new since I last played and I can’t find any info about them anywhere. Can someone tell me what they are and how they’re acquired, please? Thanks.

Usually by achievements or cartel markets.

Oh, so the same as flairs, basically. Thanks. What are they called? I’m wanting to search for info about them.

yeah they are just character flairs. some wrap around the character icon some just sit to the left.

I’m referring to icons next to other peoples’ nameplates. Talking about how flairs interact with character portraits just confuses the subject. The icons after a nameplate are flairs. You’re saying the ones before a nameplate are flairs, too?

everything you are after in in characters under the titles. there are a number of things there. would be easier to describe this stuff if you were in discord.

I realize that it was me who was being unclear. Sorry about that. I’ll ask again once I’m in discord. Thanks for trying to answer my unclear question.

missed you on. hopefully we can catch each other eventually. I’ll walk you through where to look for what you are after.

Thanks. Don’t hold your breath. I’m slow. :slight_smile:

you can always pm me in discord. As long as I’m not engaged in a raid or work I will jump on.

Is Ribbit talking about the guild icon?

maybe or it could be the legacy title or character title.

ribbit hasn’t come into discord so I cannot get a better explanation.

I’ll get myself into discord so I can join the guild. Then I’ll know if it’s the guild icon. :smiley:

Discord is scary for me, so it takes some internal prep to be able to handle it. As I said, don’t hold your breath. I’ll find you when I get there… or wait for you to come back. No worries.

We would certainly rather you be in the guild if you are playing SWTOR. it helps both you and the guild out.

Send either Truthseeker or myself a message in discord and we can jump in and get you an invite.

Yup. Turns out it’s the guild icon. Thanks, both of you!