Icarus - anyone else tried out the beta?

Just finished the Icarus beta weekend and wondered if anyone one else was playing?

Yep. I played both weekends. It’s coming together quite nicely and I’m interested to see how they work out the meta game for it all, but so far, loving it.

Somewhat amused by how much whining there is on the forums about things ‘being too hard’ in what’s supposed to be a brutal survival game. Feels like people forgot what that means.

So Icarus is about you, a survivor, who crashed landed on an alien planet? Your a space traveller of some profession? ie: miner, scientist, … ?

I’ve been meaning to watch some videos about it but haven’t made the time.

Failed expedition to a planet, you’re a disposable grunt being sent down to gather resources to bring back to the orbital station to keep it and everyone alive. You get nothing, because they can spare nothing.

Is the game play on this similar to Subnautica? Gather items to build gear, that gear allows you to gather better items and build better gear. Repeat until your able to build whatever it is that completes the mission?

Does the gameplay feel rushed to try to complete the mission, or is there time to enjoy the process, build some cool things and still complete the mission?

Not really. Missions are varied like kill, collect, scan. You can’t take anything down except for specific things you buy in the station, and everything you build on the planet on a mission will disappear when you launch back into space.

And how you play the game is entirely up to you, there are plenty of missions that have timers on them for weeks instead of days.

Thanks, picked it up. Started playing. This is definitely a different play style to others in this genre I’ve played. I like the goal oriented short games. So far they aren’t too short I feel rushed. Storms are interesting.

looking forward to ranking my players skills up.

Not sure if its a bug but when making my “House” I see there is a way to rotate the parts so I can get it to fit, but the outside thatching ends up on the inside of the house. Can’t seem to figure out how to reverse that. Will need to watch more video’s maybe. Everything else seems to be pretty straight forward.

You aim at the parts you’re connecting to which then shows you an arrow where the piece actually goes. Hard to explain…

Press r or y I think will help you rotate

Thanks but I figured it out. Just like the wall you have to hold down r until the submenu comes up and lets you pick different forms of the part. For walls it gives you choices like windows or doors, for the angled walls it just gives you an options to flip it so you can make the outside part of the wall be actually outside your house.

Another tip for building stuff. Look at the image it’s projecting onto floors/walls when you’re placing something. The inner circle will also have places you can click to put things like pillars under specific corners of a floor for instance. Or on a wall, the middle circle will have 2 spots to place another wall at a 90 degree angle, instead of next to another one.

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Hey guys, Pretty new to this forum. I’ve been playing Icarus and enjoying it solo, since the weather system got an update it’s been a much improved game. I enjoy grindy survival games and used to play a ton of Wurm, but my main gaming buddy sadly passed away in Dec. I would love to find someone who might be interested in joining me in an open world. My toon is getting close to level 30 and I’m currently on a map with a drill down on a gold node and an iron node, but am willing to start on a fresh server.

I am an ‘actual’ otg…I’m retired, 65, on AZ time. Typically game throughout the day. Once ran a 715 member guild in WoW, but I could no longer take the ridiculous chat in game so turned that guild over to someone else. I’m not as elite a gamer as I once was in WoW, but in Icarus I’m pretty sneaky and have a solid bow build.

I’m finding Icarus to be a lot of fun, but think it would be much better with more than myself. If anybody is interested shoot me a message, I am in the discord also, just very quiet.


We played Icarus a lot last year, but not so much at the moment. With the most recent update which introduces regenerating resources I might at one point consider putting up a dedicated server again, like I’ve done a lot in the past for Ark.

Icarus is a beautiful world to run around in, and especially at the start, terrifying :smiley: People complaining getting killed without any chance by bears only make me chuckle. Spoiled!

Lots of new stuff, lots of fixes, dedicated server quest boards, etc. They run updates every week, and generally it’s something different they focus on every week.

I know a little about how they work, and each update takes roughly 4 weeks, and there are separate projects running all in parallel. And the fact they can release things with generally very little issues makes me always impressed with their change management.

Anyway. Yes! Well worth playing! We generally played with a group of 3 or 4 people, which was great fun (also great burned down bases…), but they’ve changed that around a bit as well, so not sure how easy that is anymore.

Let me know if interest builds again for the game. They fixed the recent weather update and it’s working well. They seem to be adding content and working on some of the fps, etc issues but they are being cautious there. This game has so much potential, I’m having fun soloing, but I do think it would be much more fun with a group.