I still can't get launch the game

I still can’t get launch the game. I keep getting Error Code: 30007 (Easy Anti-Cheat cannot run if Driver Signature Enforcement has been disabled). I have uninstalled the game and anti-cheat 3 times. Deleted the folders last time. Disabled my anti-virus. Also tried other suggestion on the web. No luck. I installed the game on my 3 year old laptop and it runs. I joined NAEAST HY-Brasil and the Syndicate yesterday. I’m level 11 and will do some gathering and crafting today. Name is McMook. Good luck all.

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What all do you have installed in the background besides the basic Win10 setup? Something must be making anti-cheat sick.

If you intentionally disabled Driver Signature Enforcement so as to install an un-signed driver, you will have to turn it back on for Anti-Cheat to be happy.

Here’s a link on how to disable it, just reverse the action to put it back on:

I’ll give it a try, thank you.

one of my games in the past didnt like my headset’s USB plug
when I used it the anti cheat program would shut game down as soon as I launched it