I rarely do this but today going to make an exception


On Sunday I was accused of rolling when I shouldn’t have for 3 times. Correction it was 1 maybe 2. The first time I didn’t know. The 2nd time I was given consent and was told too. Today Sunday it was a mistake on me. If I am going to get blamed on something please get it right. And no this is not am attempt at talking back.



This section is for feedback on the website/forums, Discord, and OTG as a multi-game guild. This should probably go in the game-specific section for the game in which it occurred.



Even better, this should probably be handled privately through tells.

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Maybe, but after from what I heard whoever said to me please do not do it again, he was 100% convinced that I did it 3 times. And if I did this was likely not going anywhere and I know that. Also after working with lawyers and a Judge for 10 years I could tell what was said was meant. The reason I made this post I didn’t like being thrown under the bus this was the best way I know before sounding off.



Please remember, this is an OTG feedback & suggestions forum, as mentioned above. We have no way of knowing who you are talking to, or even which game. I am locking this thread. Your best course of action is to send a message to a staff member of the game. The chain of command after that, would be the XO/CL, then the admin liaison above that chapter.

If you are unsure who to message, you are welcome to send me a private message and I will be happy to hook you up with the correct people.



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