I need a GW2 invite

Maudred.1367 OTG member for 7 years, recently back to GW2. I’m in the WoW and FFXIV factions.

Once you become a Member on this site, you’ll be able to see the following instructions for requesting to join the chapter. Please post there when you “go blue”.


A staff member usually picks up new registered users on this site fairly quickly, but if that doesn’t happen, you can post here to request promotion to Member:

I’m not sure what go blue means, I’m new to the “new” website.

I’m clicking the link and it says I don’t have permission.

You should be good to go now! :smile:

Jacxxz.9736 Hi, im new to the site and i`m also having the same probs as the player above, would like to join OTG in GW2 . regards john
im getting Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

You’re getting that message for the same reason I cited a few posts above:

Please refer to that post for instructions.

Hi Jacxxz, I received your PM and you should have an answer! :grin:

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Hi, I was previously a member. I was gone for 6 months on WoW Realm Kul’tiras. Character name Badjuju and Jimjamjuju. I was looking to get a reinvite to the guild.

Hey there @badjuju… before you can get an in-game invite, you need to be a member of these new forums… I see you on the old forums, so let’s get that taken care of.

After your name turns blue, you will be able to see and get to the intraguild recruitment thread here: https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/t/how-to-join-us-in-gw2/1092

Darkoso.5901. Just started up in GW2 after long time. In TESO OTG guild. Looking to join GW2 guild please. Learwolf #3319 in our discord channel. Currently playing a Human thief named Learwolf in game. Ty for your time.