I miss the theater

I have been binge watching so many performances that are now online. However, every once in a while one really catches my attention.


Thanks, @lynspottery!

I can’t remember the last time I saw tap featured in a musical (or other stage production). Then again, I suppose it would seem out of place in Les Mis… :slight_smile:

I truly love tap dancing…especially how it used to be done in vaudeville. There were some masters back then who took it to an entirely new level. Take a look at two marvelous performers.



We’re got a series of film stills of Gene Kelly in our dining room. We’ve also been lucky that a lot of great tap performers have come to Jacob’s Pillow for the summer. Not this year, of course. :frowning:

Slightly off topic on an off topic (lol), but look up PostmodernJukebox on Youtube. Superb musical performances and some awesome tap dancers in the mix. When you are done watching them, it’s a wonderful channel to run in the background just to listen.

Talking tap… Seeing Bring in da Noise on Broadway was eye opening. From the Tony’s…

And, for me… Danny Kaye means…


Yes, I laughed until I cried. Kaye was a National Treasure for sure…certainly miss him. I don’t see any one in the theater that remotely comes close to his talent.