I miss MMOs!

Hoping to get some suggestions here. I really want to find an MMO to play. It has been far too long since I’ve found one that I can stand for more than a few days.

I have zero interest in PvP. I’m not interested in MMOs with a large number of unnecessarily complex subsystems. I just want to have fun running through content collaboratively with a group. Maybe this is just a pipe dream, but please let me know if anything comes to mind. Thanks!

Not too complex, have fun running with a group, sounds like the Elder Scrolls Online chapter :slight_smile:


I have to agree with @Splutty. :flushed: :smiley:

The ESO chapter has a lot of call outs for group stuff. All you need is 4 people & it doesn’t matter what level for a good amount of the content. (More things open up as you level of course.)

It’s free to try until Wednesday morning.


And coffee runs are a cool way to see new stuff and get some achievements done as well, generally. At any level :slight_smile:


Would love for OTG to have an active ESO presence on the PS4. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like an overwhelming endorsement for ESO thus far. I actually own this game… I purchased it at release. But I never had anyone to play with, so I moved on to other things. Does OTG have an active chapter on ESO? I’ll see about reinstalling it this evening.

Also, I’m still listening if any other suggestions come to mind. Thanks for the feedback, guys!

There’s always people online when I log on. :slight_smile:
Give Tess a message & grab a guild invite.

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ESO has come a loooong way since release, when it was, frankly, completely crap.

It’s now a very playable and (for me) relaxing game. There are tons of OTG people in there, not all of them active in chat, but with organized stuff like coffee runs (get people together on a Sunday morning and semi-randomly run open world group stuff, basically), it’s nice!

(Edit: Not isn’t now…)

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Thank you for the feedback, everyone. I have created a character in ESO and have been enjoying doing some of the early quests and familiarizing myself with the map and interface. So far so good. How can I connect with the guild?

Post in the ESO section of the forums for an invite. Tess can probably pick you up after that.

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Meeks, wb!! I’m reposting @Blastie’s post about how to connect with the guild. Have fun. ~Mid

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