I miss grouping!

I played EQ2 for many years and burnt out when the level cap was 80. I was raiding and when they raised to 90 I just didn’t have the desire to do the grinding. As a result I fell below the top tier and finding groups to play in became harder and harder so I walked away. I have returned a few times but never got into a situation where I could get groups with any consistency. I have toons from level 20 through the high 80s. I primarily play healers but I am familiar with most tanks and warlocks.

I would like to find a situation where I can play in a group that runs instances . I enjoy the early dungeons as well as the later ones. I would also be happy to make a new toon and start from scratch. To me the joy of EQ2 is taking a group into an instance where we are challenged and have to be on our toes. I do not care how well an individual plays as long as they are trying. I live in US Eastern time zone and like to play weeknights between 9 PM and 11 PM which is negotiable.

If you have a group or would like to start one, please let me know.



Hi, Eric!

The OTG guild is not very active these days. I can surely invite a toon to the guild, however, there are no guild events going on at this time.

We do still have active members who have joined other guilds, Briyad might be a toon to look for when you are in game.

Last week I was curious about returning to EQ2 and what the player base may be. Long story short daily average of players is around 29K. No idea of the number of servers EQ2 has but divide 29K by 20 servers? 30 servers …

EQ2 doesn’t have that many servers! One EU server, two time-locked servers, and half a dozen or so US servers…

Hi Eric,

Eric here. My wife (her name is Erica) and I actually met on EQ2.

We ran into the same thing. We were raiding but then new expansions came and level cap was raised etc. Right now we are really enjoying Guild Wars 2. I don’t know if you are wanting to invest in a new game or not but there are a lot of great features in it. For example, you can be in multiple guilds at once. So some people will have their friendly/family guild, a PvP/WvW guild, and then other guilds that run events closer to their play schedule.

The core game is free to play and the expansions are BOGO. The third expansion is coming out sometime this year.

My wife and I are happy to help out with dungeons (they auto scale you down but not up). We can also help with fractals which are level 80 instances that can net you some good loot.

As a bonus, I’ve been seeing more activity lately from the OTG side because they are releasing some of the old content for free right now.

Let me know if you have questions about the game or are interested. The weirdest thing to get used to from EQ2 is that there is no dedicated healer. With the right gear combinations on your armor and the right traits, you can almost turn any class into a healer though.



Eric & Erica,

I have never played Guild Wars but have heard positive things about it in the past. Your invitation sounds wonderful. I would really appreciate the opportunity to to be helped along the learning curve of a new game and opportunity to group.

I am currently downloading Guild Wars 2 and look forward to hearing from you on how to proceed.


Awesome. I’ll log in when I get home. I’m in New Zealand so hopefully it won’t be too late for you. Head on over to the GW2 part of our forums and get an invite to the OTG chapter after you have your account name sorted. :grin:

Tonight is not going to work I just got into bed. It appears I am 8 hours ahead of you based on our respective time zones. Perhaps we can set something up for this weekend. I have Discord.


Sorry for not responding earlier. Got caught up with stuff. Also… I got my east and west mixed up. Yeah, that side of the US does make it difficult. I’m playing today but I have raids scheduled. Add me as a friend (chausta.7835) and let me know your account name and i’m sure we’ll see each other online at some point. =)