I kinda liked Purple

Any thoughts on another switch?


I miss purple myself as well.

Well, everyone who switched has a 60-day cool down on faction swapping so …

After the first of the year I imagine things will get moving again for all of us old timers with holiday traveling and families and the like. I still haven’t had time to even level up my yellow faction yet, much less work on GS.

But to your point, yeah I miss purple too …

Is there something about a certain color that you like? It is just a color. Yellow faction is always doing something. Very helpful and I havent heard OTG trash talked even once. Betting the more active players are enjoying yellow more even though we dont own the whole map.

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EDIT: Just identified this is “public” New World category: no need to share the game plan. I see other threads elsewhere to read as well. disregard responding to this one.

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Well, in case you missed it, New World is an MMORPG. Some people do put a modicum of thought in to the RPG part. Syndicate (purple) was more along the lines of what I enjoy. I can understand you don’t care, but I can definitely see how some people would. It is interesting you mention the trash talk, as I recall it being trash talk from Yellow to us when we were Purple. I guess that’s one way to handle it, join the enemy. lol Regardless, I stayed purple and I am certain it makes no difference to the guild functioning as a whole. It also made no difference to my playtime since it is so limited. It is what it is. The current population state of the game reminds of Warhammer Age of Reckoning after 6 months or SWTOR after a year, a ghost-town. Too bad. Glad I still do my daily logins for ESO. lol


You obviously dont play if you think it is a ghost town. If people want to choose a color or made up back story over their guild, that is for sure their choice though =)

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Are we going to hop factions every time the map changes? Do we really want to be that guild?

lol Over their guild that booted them without a heads up? I mean it was sort of funny I found out in global chat from nonguildies saying “purple is screwed now since OTG dumped it”. :slight_smile: As for playing, admittedly it has been about 2 weeks since I am again out in camp in the middle of nowhere. At that time, I could run around for an hour or more without seeing anyone unless I was in town Again, not like it matters.

My guess by the above replies from Komma, yup. I mean you don’t want folks trash talking us like Io (or whatever their name is) used to, right? Our feelings could get all bruised. lol

Well were I am concerned I’m not really that concerned at the moment. Truthfully I still feel like I am playing an early Beta game as Amazon keeps changing major systems every so often. We had WaterMark, Now we have Expertise. I’m given to understand that they will be putting limitations on the expertise system with the next major update or so I get from Sonickat’s in-game sales pitch for his voidbent armor he is selling. Heck I would get some of them from him other than I am pretty poor at the moment due to my limited play time.

I went yellow and honestly got what I wanted from it. I got the Two Covenant Steam Achievements and their chest piece. I was never fond of the plague doctor look of the Syndicate. I’ll jump over to Marauders to get their two achievement if they lose enough territories in the future. By the time that 60 days is counted down they might have actually have fixed it so you can level again in an faction you rejoin. Which you can’t right now.

For right now because I feel like I’m in a beta game, my focus with my limited game time is pick something and work towards it. For the last month I have just done the Convergence thing. Got all the tier 5 items I wanted and finished it today. I might run a more abbreviated route than I posted in the other thread but I’ll work on getting some stock piles of patterns mostly weapons as I don’t really care for the way the various armors look. After that I’ll pick something else to finish. Maybe a tradeskill. fishing or gathering skill to 200. Maybe reach a certain level rep with a town. I don’t intend on buying a house at this time since I can’t guarantee being able to pay the taxes on it.


Way to twist my words. I didnt say we moved because people trashed talked us. I said purple, our own faction, trashed talked us. You can expect it from your enemy factions. Funny they said purple was screwed when we left when they blamed us for everything. Also there was a heads up but people dont ever watch discord or the forums.

That’s odd. The first thing I did when I heard was check the forums and then discord. Discord there was an ambiguous post about 3 new guilds which did not even mention a new faction. If you read discord at the time, you’d have seen yours truly point that out. :grin: the majority of the trash talk I saw in global was from yellow prior, but hey, I’ll defer to your playtime on that one.

The 1.21 patch reset the cooldown for faction switch for everyone.

We could, as a guild, move again.

That is exactly the point of the game, but I do not think we should be doing that now. Politics amongst the companies will lead to the need to change from time to time. But, yellow is looking up so I think staying is the best option

Some people moved since then, burning that one time cool down

What a surprise when I logged back in after a break from the game. My time has been limited during this holiday season so my plan was to hop on for a few minutes each day to get some presents and winter rep. It didn’t go as planned.

My fist time back was on Sunday, and what a surprise it was. On the positive there was a lot of recruitment chat LFG or LFM which I like (even though you have to buy a spot.). The negatives, yellow only has 1 territory and there was nowhere nearly as many OTG on Discord as past Sunday’s.

I hope things pan out with the factions because it is a bit sad only having 1 territory. Other than buying into a gen or laz group, global and recruitment chat was encouraging. Look like I’ll have to fork up some cash if I want to try those expeditions out.

You dont have to buy in. You can spend the massive amounts of hours farming the stuff to make one and leveling your stone cutting to 200. You can only make 3 a week. You could just buy the stuff to craft them off the market also.

On the discussion of decisions, I’m personally not a fan of jumping ship to whomever happens to be the lead power. Seems to lack the challenge of the game intention, however the AGS happens to float at the moment :slight_smile:

Prior to hearing Bambi explain the mechanics behind the leadership’s decision, I was not a fan of abandoning Syndicate. However, upon hearing the factors shred by Bambi for the reasoning - it became apparent at the time that seemed to hold the best opportunity while venturing into the new server.

Seeing how that map has shaped as of last night and today - Cheers for the Kittens! Hope OTG was involved and not those OTG who jumped ship to other factions and fought against OTG’s chosen faction. I kinda heard we were as secondary pickup / adds - Thanks to you for fighting the good fight. Nice to see a bit of Yellow sprouting.

I second @Komma thoughts to work on the crafting though tight on azoth. I hear Bambi comment how there should not be an issue though we’re not all in your boat, Bambi… You have houses here there and most places that soften the blow. Speaking for myself (lvl 53) as an OTG member fitting OTG’s mission / ethos of laid back, etc, etc… I was holding off buying my first house per advice until after the merger. Now waiting for yellow to occupy the land (Everfall) for my first house plant! :slight_smile: I run arround doing lower level (35) corruptions to build bck azoth and have my items spread pretty thin. To sort items, it cost 3-400 azoth for one move…

Granted, I am learning the ropes and really enjoy the groups and people hopping in to assist with elites for quests. I dig that about OTG. We’re a bunch of cool people looking to have fun! I’ll keep working areas w/ low volume in the settlement storage to fill and follow Komma’s advise.

I like to read leaders vision for our guild. I am not a fan of hearsay. It tends to go caddywompass. once repeated.