I finished a game! Tell me what you think!

Hello, everyone!

I would like to share a game with you that I’ve been working on for a while. It’s free to download and play.

The Opal of Narsine - a text adventure and strategy game. You are a young noble who has their eyes set on a noble lady who is far above your station. One day, she notices you, but your love is not meant to be unless you are proven worthy. To do this, she sets you on a quest - acquire a treasure and give it to her.

You have to manage several things in order to complete the game, and the game will throw many obstacles into your path. You manage the day-by-day activities of yourself and your retinue and handle the challenges that come before you. Manage your money, information, and prestige in order to progress through the challenges of the main story. As you hire retainers and make investments, more options and events are possible to encounter.

It’s about a novella to a novel in length - but a low-ball estimate puts the word count at about 80 thousand words. I am sure that additional content will push it firmly into novel-length territory.

Here’s where you can get it and updates about the game: The Opal of Narsine by Starsickle


Necroing this thread because I’ve done quite a lot with the game since I’ve posted. I’ve updated the links, as I am now on itch dot io. I hope you all enjoy!